what is equity

What is Equity?

Generally you have to be over 55 years of age and of course have equity built up in your property. If you are then you will appreciate that your home is normally your biggest asset and the equity tied up in your home is now available for you to spend. You are now able to release a tax free lump sum from your property for you to spend however you wish.

Homeowners over the age of 55 can now consider Lifetime Mortgage and Home Reversion plans, which are regulated products designed to free the capital tied up in your home in a safe and structured plan.

You can raise funds for anything, below I have listed some of the main reasons clients would look to release equity:-

What Is Equity:

Debt Consolidation

Many older clients find themselves burdened with debt from credit cards, personal loans etc. Equity release loans can be arranged from as little as £10,000.

What Is Equity:

Repay Existing Mortgage

Mortgages into retirement and endowment shortfalls are not uncommon in the post retirement market. Equity Release can offer you a solution.

What Is Equity:

Home Improvements

With no income requirements Equity Release is an ideal way to raise funds for either essential property repairs or home improvements such as a conservatory.

What Is Equity:

Moving House

Equity Release can be used for house purchase for most property types, including sheltered accommodation, with no underwriting requirements..

What Is Equity:

Luxury Purchases

Use the equity in the property to fund those special purchases- holidays, cars etc. that would otherwise not be affordable

What Is Equity:

Family Assistance

Equity Release gives the ability to raise funds to help the family now for house purchase deposits, university fees or wedding costs.

What Is Equity:

Additional Pension Income

Equity Release can be used to raise additional tax-free income for you for life or a drawdown option can provide regular income to meet specific needs.

What Is Equity:

Private Medical Costs

Funds can be raised from the equity in the property to finance medical costs which may otherwise be unattainable to avoid the public sector queues.

What Is Equity:

Inheritance Tax Planning

Equity Release can be used as a means of releasing capital for inheritance tax planning planning purposes and can have a major impact on your clients’ financial circumstances.

What Is Equity:

Endowment Shortfall

We have seen a rise in the number of people who have come to the end of their mortgage and regrettably there is a shortfall in the value of the endowment that was designed to pay off the mortgage. Equity Release funds can be used to cover any mortgage repayment shortfall.

Whatever your need to raise capital we will have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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